Survey also found wide support for a fuel efficiency standard, believing it would save them money

More than two-thirds of Australians are ditching the car more often to avoid paying for soaring fuel costs, new polling from the Climate Council has revealed.

The national survey of 1,150 Australians, released Wednesday, also showed more than half feel the federal government’s long-awaited fuel efficiency standard would save them money at the bowser.

Details of the proposed fuel efficiency standard – which will place a yearly cap on the emissions output for new cars sold in the country – are expected to be publicly released before the end of the year.

It’s anticipated the introduction will offer an incentive for carmakers to supply low- and zero-emissions vehicles and penalise companies that do not.

The Climate Council’s polling, conducted by Essential, found 71% had adjusted their driving habits to avoid paying for high fuel prices, including 56% admitting they tried to drive less every day.

The results showed 54% of those surveyed believed the standard would save them money overall.

Almost half, or 49%, said they support the federal government while 17% said they oppose its introduction.

The Climate Council’s earlier analysis in July with the Electric Vehicle Council showed an individual could save up to $1,200 a year if the federal government introduced a tougher fuel efficiency standard, and up to $10,000 over an average vehicle’s lifetime.

The head of advocacy at the Climate Council, Dr Jennifer Rayner, said it was time for the federal government to introduce the standards.

“We can’t keep idling at the starting line. The federal government needs to put the pedal to the metal in delivering what they’ve promised – strong fuel efficiency standards to give drivers more choice of cleaner cars that are cheaper to run,” Rayner said.

“Every day we delay putting a fuel efficiency standard in place, Aussies are missing out on the three-in-one benefits of cheaper costs, cleaner air, and greater choice.”

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