When less happened to fuel prices on Scott Morrison’s watch, Anthony Albanese was up in arms, writes Caleb Bond.

Remember when then-Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese was outraged at the price of fuel?

It was exactly two years ago – November 2021.

“Do you reckon Scott Morrison has been to a petrol station lately?” Mr Albanese asked on Twitter.

“Petrol prices are surging on his watch.”

Accompanying that statement was a photo of a service station advertising 91 unleaded for 179.9c.

That’s veritably cheap these days. It is now not unusual to see fuel at 220c a litre or more.

Petrol prices are surging on Mr Albanese’s watch and he is conspicuously silent.

It is now one of the major drivers of inflation. Prices were up 7 per cent in the September quarter.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/australias-budget-can-easily-afford-the-few-billions-it-would-cost-to-cut-fuel-excise-caleb-bond/news-story/67409bcdc285faf168b81d2752131105