Canberras newest service station is one week old and already having a massive impact for consumers. The combined McDonald’s restaurant and Metro service station on Hindmarsh Drive in Phillip launched with a bang, with McHappy Day and a week of specials, sticky beaks and getting to know the freshest Metro in the network.


Boasting the first Maccas to have a drive-through facility in the Woden area the Metro Phillip site also incorporates a full convenience offering as well as Cold Rock Creamery a massive range of exciting American Snacks and more.

Both the McDonalds and the Metro will be open 24/7, delivering fuel, snacks and a feed around the clock.

“It’s more important than ever to offer consumers great value for money, new facilities and the easy convenience that we offer,” said McDonalds franchisee Mr Carroll.

The official grand opening of the Maccas coincided with McHappy Day (Saturday, 18 November) and according to one local “the whole site was beautiful madness, people were everywhere, but it was so nice to see for the community”.

McHappy Day, the largest annual fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities, was a unique opening to the whole site and featured an appearance from Grimace and Canberra Raiders players as well as special offers.

The site is Metro’s fifth in Canberra and the independent fuel retailer, known for highly competitive fuel pricing has been roundly welcomed.

ACAPMA spoke to Metro about the new site;  “Its been a roller coaster. Opening any site is a long and often painful process dealing with the usual design, approval, construction and fitout hiccups, but once the doors open it is an energising wave of customers and that is the really rewarding part”.

“This first week has been busy but great.  We have served heaps of customers, made a stack of coffees and started countless customer relationships.  Come on in and say hi when you are in the area, we’d love to see you”, adds the site operator.

Congratulations McDonalds, Metro and Phillip!

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)