Sydney’s Inner West council has applied for funding for an ambitious electric vehicle (EV) charging station project.
The council has announced it has applied to the state government for funding to install a minimum of 45 kerbside electric vehicle chargers around the densely populated inner Sydney LGA.
It has said the application comes after community consultation, and that it hopes the charging stations will be “strategically placed” across the Inner West by June 2026.
There are currently seven public fast charging stations in the Inner West LGA, mostly within shopping centres.
To target high density housing, where residents don’t have easy access to a parking space to charge their electric car, the kerbside model is being rolled out to encourage drivers to adopt electric vehicles.
With over 180,000 residents, the Inner West is the fifth-most densely populated Sydney LGA.
The NSW state government is encouraging Sydney councils to apply for part of the $10 million in available funding.
Councils can then seek partnerships with existing energy providers to fund the rollout in a mixed public-private partnership.
A maximum of $800,000 dollars has been made available to each application, with private investment also expected to help fund the installation.
The inner west council has put in three applications for three different EV charging companies – EVSE, PLUS ES and EVX.
If they are successful they could be awarded a maximum of $2.4 million.
The Inner West council said it hoped to “partner with clean energy providers to collaborate on the installation of these charging stations, allowing for a unique business opportunity”.
“Proven the success of the grant application, Inner West Council will procure the support of Ausgrid in this initiative,” the council wrote.
“Ausgrid’s involvement will further amplify the impact of the project, ensuring the provision of robust and reliable charging infrastructure with significantly reduced costs and environmental emissions, as well as an appreciably less disruptive installation process.”
The Inner West council has also proposed to redevelop the council-owned Balmain Depot into a “cutting-edge electric charging station hub”.

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