We’re seeking your feedback to help inform the development of a fuel quality standard for renewable diesel.

Renewable diesel is an advanced biofuel that:

  • produces lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • can be used as a substitute for petroleum-derived diesel
  • can be used in many heavy-duty diesel engines without the need for engine modifications.

Renewable diesel will help to reduce emissions from liquid fuels as we work towards the transition to net zero emissions by 2050.

Low-carbon diesel substitutes will be vital to help reduce emissions in sectors such as:

  • mining
  • construction
  • agriculture
  • freight transport.

Your feedback on the consultation paper will help us to develop a standard that will:

  • grow the renewable diesel market
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • help Australia transition to a net zero economy by 2050.

To have your say, read the consultation paper and complete the survey or upload a submission.

The consultation period will close on 2 February 2024.


Extracted in full from:  https://www.dcceew.gov.au/about/news/hys-renewable-diesel-fuel-quality-standard