On tonight’s episode of Paul Murray Live, Sky News host Paul Murray discusses the cost of living affecting Australians, the Reserve Bank raising interest rates, grim Jim Chalmers, petrol tax pain and more.

Sky News host Paul Murray says Prime Minister Anthony Albanese “doesn’t want to answer” the potential relief granted by decreasing the tax on petrol.

“The tax the federal government makes off it … the 40 per cent of your fuel that goes on tax, well all of it ends up with extra revenue for the government,” Mr Murray said.

“But this can be forgone because they have the budget surplus.

“Now if it was a Liberal who asked the question, the prime minister changes the subject, doesn’t want to answer it.”

Extracted in full from: https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/paul-murray/must-be-done-murray-slams-labors-inaction-on-petrol-prices/video/3fc2318bf0bfee2b64fc4daf1c2ae079