Heavy goods vehicles will now be able to fill their tanks with 100% renewable diesel. This biofuel, produced by Galp, is available at filling stations in Matosinhos and Vila Franca de Xira and an expansion strategy is on the table that will seek to meet existing demand.

According to the statement sent to Lusa, Galp’s 100% Renewable Diesel is a low carbon intensity biofuel, ‘obtained from residual or advanced raw materials such as used cooking oils and animal fat residues’, allowing a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of up to 90%, compared to fossil diesel.

ECO asked about what prices would be charged for the sale of this biofuel, but Galp did not provide further details.

“The use of the biofuel in vehicles with diesel internal combustion engines is identical to conventional diesel”, guarantees Galp, led by Filipe Silva.

For now, Bosch and TJA, a logistics operator, were the first customers to join, but the idea will be to expand the customer base with the Galp Frota Corporate card, or by direct delivery to customer premises. “The expansion of this product at Galp network stations will follow the needs of market demand”, reads the statement.

The development of this fuel takes place as part of the oil company’s strategy to invest in the production of biofuels from 2025, at the Sines Refinery. This unit and the installation of 100 megawatts (MW) of electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen represent a joint investment of 650 million euros.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/2023-11-07/renewable-diesel-for-heavy-goods-vehicles/83038