Australia’s Pure Hydrogen says that its Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover is now available for sale.

Pure Hydrogen, a company positioning itself as a supplier of both hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen itself, showcased its 220 kW Taurus hydrogen fuel cell truck at Brisbane’s Truck Show earlier this year.

The company said at the time that the Taurus would be able to handle loads of up to 70 tons, but none of its channels specify its current haulage. Its website, however, states that the prime movers have a range of 400 kilometers, but in the  another recent announcement, a figure of 600 kilometers is given.

The 6×4 Prime Mover is supplied by HDrive, but was designed in Australia, according to the company’s website.

Pure Hydrogen’s sales manager, Clint Butler, said that the Taurus prime mover “can be on the road in nine months from time of order,” adding that this turnaround is quicker than traditional diesel trucks.

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