In an effort to invite greater investment in renewable energy, the South Australian Government has passed a law to help make the process easier.

The South Australian Government has introduced the world’s first legislative framework designed to fast-track hydrogen projects.

The Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act 2023 provides access to capital investment – estimated at $21 billion – as well as allowing developers and investors to compete for land in the state which can be used for wind or solar projects.

However, it’s understood the legislation is technology agnostic when it comes to how the hydrogen is produced – meaning it could pave the way for so-called ‘brown hydrogen’ projects created from coal, or ‘blue hydrogen’ created from methane gas.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Clare Scriven defended the Act, arguing “all types of hydrogen generation will contribute to building the necessary infrastructure required in the transition to a future clean hydrogen industry,” according to

“Allowing all hydrogen types encourages the industry to develop and test economically feasible technologies, which will ultimately bring down the cost of hydrogen production,” she added.

The legislation streamlines the process for those seeking to invest in large-scale hydrogen and renewable energy projects, by creating a single regulatory process for environmental impacts, native title rights, and land access.

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