carsales’ electric car podcast is back for season two as we help bust myths and answer your questions about the fast-charged world of electric vehicles

Public charging stations have given many EV drivers a headache, but will accessibility to battery juice be a concern for EVs of tomorrow? And what advantages does destination charging offer?

In this episode, Rusty and Nadine are joined by Josh Hoevenaars, Business Development Manager at bp pulse, who crunches the numbers on the expected demand public infrastructure will face in the near future, and what they’re doing to alleviate that pressure; detailing how Australia may need hundreds of thousands of charging stations by 2050. Plus, Jason Temby, Head of Product Delivery & Energy at Vicinity Centres unveils the Shopping Centre giant’s growing network of chargers designed to cater for the convenience charger who like Nadine, enjoys a spot of shopping whilst they charge up.

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