All locations are equipped with a convenience store and a Caffe MOYA but have been planned to cater to different types of drivers depending on the location.

Anwin’s MOYA service station network has been expanded with three new locations. The recently opened sites are located in the Lodz, Lublin and West Pomeranian provinces

All of the new stations are franchise locations, equipped with a convenience store and Caffe MOYA.

The site located in Slawoborze, West Pomeranian region, is tailored to serve “truckers” with a fast diesel filler, AdBlue liquid, driveway and  international road transport parking, in addition to a compressor and vacuum cleaner.

Located in the Kutno-Płock route, the second petrol station offers drivers a vacuum cleaner and a vehicle washing service in a touchless car wash.

The third one, located at the Lublin town of Wojciechów, offers 95 gasoline, ON and LPG. The facility is tailored to serve international transportation, offering fast diesel filler, AdBlue liquid and a drive-through.

Anwim is expanding the MOYA network throughout Poland, with about 50 new stations added each year. This pace makes the company one of the country’s leaders in terms of growth rate for some years.

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