With Christmas and Boxing Day done and dusted for another year, many people will be hitting the road for a summer getaway.

Fuel prices have been and will continue to be a worry for many families who need to fill up before they go away, so here’s how to make your fuel go the extra mile:

Maintain a steady pace – Constantly braking and accelerating will burn more fuel than if you maintain a constant speed and thrashing the accelerator pedal hard will also burn fuel quicker. Don’t accelerate or brake too quickly in heavy traffic as it moves as this will burn fuel at a quicker rate.

Check your fuel cap – If the fuel cap is not screwed in properly, fuel can evaporate reducing what’s left in the tank and affecting fuel efficiency.

Reduce weight in vehicle – The heavier your vehicle is the more fuel it will use because it has to work harder in order to move.

Keep up to date with regular checks with a mechanic – Consistent, appropriate checks, such as oil changes and other tune-ups means your car will run smoothly and use less fuel. Be aware of the correct tyre pressure for your car, as deflated tyres are more resistant and thus use up fuel quicker.

Don’t leave the car running for a long time when parked – Switch off the engine when you can. Contrary to the beliefs of some idling for even a minute uses more fuel than turning off and restarting the engine and this can be considered when stuck in traffic too.

Avoid economy fuel – Economy for lower quality fuel may not last as long as more premium fuel and motorists end up paying more due to having to fill up more frequently. If your vehicle runs on petrol, opt for a premium unleaded or a super unleaded fuel if possible and only use the correct fuel for your vehicle as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.

Keeping cool – For long road trips, especially when travelling long periods at high speeds (above 64km/h) you can enjoy the cool air from the air con with the windows up as keeping the windows down at high speed actually increases the drag on your vehicle meaning your engine has to work harder which uses fuel faster. As a result, whenever you use the air conditioner keep the windows up as otherwise your wasting the cool air the engine has used fuel to create.

Steady on hills – Don’t accelerate up a hill, go slowly and steadily to conserve fuel.

Use the correct gear – Driving in the incorrect gear can mean your car will work harder and burn more fuel as a result.

Opt for a more fuel-efficient car – If looking for a new car, ask questions, talk to the right people and do your research to find a fuel-efficient option.

Use a price finder- Apps like Petrol Spy or arevo can help you find the cheapest fuel options near you or on your route, which can result in big savings.

Extracted in full from:  https://rangestrader.mailcommunity.com.au/news/2023-12-26/fuel-up-for-a-long-summer-trip-without-breaking-the-bank/