A jump in petrol prices is expected in the lead-up to Christmas, but experts say costs won’t come close to the record-breaking price hikes seen in September.
The average national retail price for unleaded petrol was $1.92 per litre in the week leading up to December 3, however, prices are expected to creep back up to the top of the cycle in coming weeks.
Queensland was among the states and territories with the highest petrol prices, as well as the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria.
New South Wales was the cheapest for unleaded petrol, followed by Western Australia.
“Wholesale price has fallen 25c a litre since September, we are starting to see relief in Sydney compared to the record-high prices we saw in September,” Motor insurance providers NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury told 9News.
“Even as we get to the high point of the cycle Sydneysiders should not see the sorts of (high) averages that we’d seen only a few weeks ago.”
“The cycle is going up and it should continue to increase now, the average will get back to over $2 a litre, but it won’t be anywhere near as high as what we’ve seen previously.”
Chris Ford from Compare the Market said although prices would not reach historically high levels, it would still hurt already struggling families as Christmas approached.
“This one really hits hard for families who are going to hit the road for Christmas.”
“[There is] a big difference between the cheapest and the most expensive fuel in greater Sydney.”
There was a $34 difference (68 cents per litre) between the highest and lowest price points for petrol in Sydney today.

Average Petrol Prices Nationally in week up to December 3

Sydney Petrol prices were the cheapest out of all the capital cities, at a weekly average of $1.816 per litre last week, and $1.79 today.
Canberra had one of the higher averages, at $1.95.
Diesel petrol cost Sydneysiders an average of $2.02 per litre, while Canberra had an average of a whopping $2.10, making it the most expensive average out of every capital city for diesel.
In Melbourne, unleaded costs $1.89 per litre, while diesel costs motorists $2.04 per litre.
Brisbane has the highest average petrol prices for unleaded at 208.3 cents per litre, while diesel was $2.08 per litre.
In Adelaide, unleaded cost $2.02 per litre on average, while diesel was $1.95 per litre, the lowest average out of all the capital states for diesel.
In Perth, unleaded set motorists back by $1.87 per litre, while diesel costs were at $1.99 per litre.
The Northern Territory saw some of the highest peaks in petrol prices last week, with a $2.06 average for the territory, while Petrol in Darwin was worth $1.912 per litre.
Diesel prices were as high as $2.24 per litre in the territory.
In Hobart, petrol prices dropped to an average of $1.93 per litre, while diesel set motorists back by $2.07 per litre.

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