Australian motorists are getting an early Christmas present as petrol prices are falling across most of the country.
All of the capitals except Melbourne will see prices fall in the lead-up to Christmas as wholesale prices fall to five month lows, according to the NRMA.
Petrol prices in Sydney are expected to fall as much as 35 cents per litre in the coming weeks, after hitting 206.9 cents per regular unleaded litre today.
NRMA Spokesperson Peter Khoury said petrol prices in Sydney had hit the high point in the cycle and were expected to slowly fall throughout Christmas and the New Year.
“This year petrol prices have broken records that we didn’t want to break and have finally come back so Sydney-siders should finally start to see some relief in the coming weeks,” Khoury said.
“There is currently a 67 cent gap between the cheapest and most expensive service stations in Sydney and for families going on a Christmas road trip they are every chance of driving to a cheaper location, so it is vital motorists do a bit of research before filling up.”
Below is a list of the current averages for regular unleaded in each capital city.
  • Adelaide 198.7 cents per litre and falling
  • Brisbane 176.6 and falling
  • Melbourne 195.7 and rising
  • Perth 164.4 and will spike overnight before falling over the next week
  • Sydney 206.9 and falling
  • Canberra 190.5 and falling slowly
  • Darwin 186.8 and falling slowly
  • Hobart 186.8 and falling slowly
Motorists are encouraged to shop around for the best price.

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