When Queensland’s tropical north cops some of the heaviest rain ever recorded in Australia, you just know that the local wildlife is going to bob up in unusual situations.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Jasper has caused severe flooding across a huge area of far north Queensland, with entire communities evacuated and hundreds of people rescued in recent days.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the volume of water seen during this flood event has been “devastating” and said she was thankful that no deaths or serious injuries have yet been attributed to the current flooding.

Michael Kerr, mayor of Douglas Shire – which is located north of Cairns encompassing Port Douglas and the Daintree – told ABC News that many communities were “completely isolated” due to flooding and damage to roads, with no access to power, communications, or running water.

Meanwhile at Cairns Airport, the partly submerged planes looked a lot more like submarines.

While this ongoing event is disruptive and dangerous for the north Queensland’s human population, the toll on both livestock and wildlife has been devastating.

One very confused crocodile was spotted by ABC Townsville reporter Chloe Chomicki in a drain across the road from a petrol station in Ingham, around 100 km north of Townsville.

In Cairns, some kayakers spotted an agile wallaby struggling to get to land as it swam over flooded football fields.

“She was already cold and exhausted from being stuck somewhere in the creek and was disoriented trying to find land,” local Instagrammer “Rossy” said.

“She was heading downstream so we directed her before making the call to grab her and take her to land.”

Rossy said the wallaby hopped off up the hill a couple minutes after he stopped filming. He also was at pains to point out that his paddling trip on the flooded fields was “safe and risk-averse” over an area with “minor flow”.

On that note, we’d remind you as ever never to try to enter floodwaters on foot or with a vehicle, and please check the latest on our warnings page. As you’d imagine there are numerous major flood warnings for north Queensland rivers.

The extremely heavy rain in Queensland’s far north is expected to start to ease from Monday afternoon.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.weatherzone.com.au/news/submerged-planes-crocs-at-the-servo-wallaby-kayak-heroes/1685758