7-Eleven has introduced a vending machine concept store at Geylang Bahru MRT station in Singapore, according to a mothership report.

The four glassfront machines with 7-Eleven logos beneath a 7-Eleven banner are located near Exit A of the train station, offering ready-to-eat food and drink items along with 7-Eleven’s house brand, 7-Select, including salads.

With advancements in technology, it’s now possible to patronise a store with no physical staff. Cheers already has a shop at Nanyang Technological University that allows customers to do just that.

And now, 7-Eleven is jumping on that bandwagon.

In a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 22), SMRT announced that retail space manager Stellar Lifestyle launched Hive 2.0, a retail innovation hub located at Esplanade MRT station on the Circle Line.

Under this is 7-Eleven’s first-ever self-checkout store in Singapore, aptly called 7-Eleven Shop & Go.

How does this magic happen? With the use of smart cameras, deep learning and multi-sensor fusion technologies, shared Stellar Lifestyle in a press release.

All customers need to do is tap their credit card to enter.

Then, when you’re in the store, just pick out the item that you need and walk out — the amount will automatically be charged to your card as you leave.

According to an article by The Edge on Jan 22, a small fee is charged to verify the card, which can be used to offset the customer’s purchase, and if nothing is bought, the amount will be refunded.

There is a limit of five shoppers at a time, which managing director of 7-Eleven Singapore, Serene Seow, told DigitalEdge is to “ensure a comfortable shopping experience”.

“We will continue to monitor and adjust this limit, if necessary,” she added.

The store will also run for a minimum of six months while 7-Eleven gathers and reviews feedback.

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