7-Eleven is limiting the savings customers can get using its Fuel Price Lock. The changes come into effect on February 6, 2024.

7-Eleven is limiting the amount its customers can save through its Fuel Price Lock program.

The fuel retailer has notified customers that from February 6, 2024, it will limit the maximum saving to 25 cents per litre – even if they find a pump price that’s more than 25c/litre cheaper.

It says users will still pay the lower pump price if they fill up at a pump that’s priced lower than their Fuel Lock price.

“We will honour all Fuel Locks locked in prior to 6th February 2024 12:00am to the full extent of the saving,” the company explained in its announcement.

“However, if you redeem that Fuel Lock after 12:01am on 6th of February 2024 and the saving exceeds the new maximum saving of 25 cents per litre, for technical reasons the saving that exceeds 25 cents per litre will not be processed at the time of your purchase.

“We will honour the additional saving by reimbursing you the amount in accordance with section 16.25, if you fill out the missed fuel discount form under the contact us tab of the My 7-Eleven app.”

Users aren’t required to action anything regarding this change, as 7-Eleven says their continued use of the My 7-Eleven app confirms their acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.

The Fuel Price Lock program allows users to search for the best price at the five closest 7-Eleven stores to their current location, within a 250km radius. Once a price is locked in by a user, it expires after seven days.

If the fuel price when customers fill up is cheaper than their locked price, the customer will pay the price at the station.

Convenience Group Holdings Pty Ltd, aka 7-Eleven Australia, announced late last year it had been wholly acquired by 7-Eleven International LLC, a joint venture between 7-Eleven Inc. and Seven-Eleven Japan.

7-Eleven Australia was owned by the Withers and Barlow families, and has been operating here since 1977.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/its-getting-harder-to-save-money-on-fuel-at-one-australian-chain