It has been a nightmare for many owners of electric vehicles as America’s Midwest suffers a sub-zero big freeze.

Temperatures in Chicago overnight hit -16C and turned some Tesla supercharging stations into what drivers described as EV “graveyards” as the extreme conditions flattened batteries.

Local TV news reports showed long queues for chargers as drivers eked out what juice they had left, while others ran out of power entirely while waiting and required towing.

Tesla says in cold weather, cars can suffer from “reduced regenerative braking and acceleration” and advises owners to keep the battery topped up above 20 per cent.

The French air force on a Nato mission has been showing off its high-tech Awacs spy plane packed with gadgets able to scan the ground for intelligence.

Associated Press reports the aircraft’s being used for surveillance over the battlefields in southern Ukraine as it circled at 34,000ft.

The upgraded Boeing 707s can fly for 12 hours without refuelling, using powerful radar to spot missile launches.

The UK government’s announced support for painful periods and the menopause are among the top priorities for women’s health this year.

Health secretary Victoria Atkins also announced at the Women’s Health Summit in London plans to raise awareness of morning sickness and improve maternity care.

Apple’s been told by the US Supreme Court it must put links to other payment options in the App Store for users downloading software for their devices.

The order follows a four-year monopolies legal battle with Epic Games, which sued Apple.

Gamers are warned they risk irreversible hearing loss and tinnitus as research finds on-screen sound levels are often near, or breach, safe limits.

A report commissioned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan says the capital is ill-prepared to deal with future heatwaves, flash floods, sea level rises and drought caused by climate change.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai say its one surviving rhesus monkey has lived for more than two years after they copied the technique used to create Dolly the sheep.

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