A Mary Valley business is facing closure and fines of more than $3million from Gympie Regional Council after complaints were made about activities going on there since new owners took over.

Several alleged planning law breaches were found as a result, it says.

These included the “significant” works transforming the garage to a service station and shop, the addition of a large above-ground diesel tank, and construction of the canopy and fuel price pillar.

The council received another complaint on August 11, when the front canopy, stored at the site when the investigation was carried out, was finally installed.

The council’s notice claims the existing usage rights on the block were insufficient to cover its current operations as it had been “transitioned” from a workshop to a service station.

This had caused a “significant” increase in business activity.

The owners were given two choices: Stop using the building as a service station within 30 days, or work with the council to obtain correct permissions through development approval.

The notice further adds should any alleged breaches be proven in court, the maximum penalties possible includes fines of up to $696,600 for individuals and $3.4 million for corporations.

A report included with the owners’ application stated fuel has been sold at the property for “more than 30 years, and it is understood it may date back as far as 1949”.

It says the previous owner, who ran the business since 1989, claimed fuel sales were a “core component” of the business “although he did also operate a car mechanics workshop on the site”.

The fuel was sold between 5am and 8pm, seven days a week, the report says.

It argues a need for the service station exists at Imbil given that, outside roadside bowsers at the town’s grocery and at Amamoor, the closest service stations are 15m away at Traveston and 20km away at Kenilworth.

The council has not yet made any decision on the application.

Extracted in full from: https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/gympie/gympie-council-cracks-down-on-imbil-liberty-servo/news-story/d690ace207133cebdd673d532b30730f