Lowes Petroleum has been lauded by the Woolgoolga Marine Rescue Unit for their generous fuel sponsorship with Unit Commander, Brian Taylor, noting that when you oversee a not-for-profit rescue service, knowing one of your major expenses is taken care off can be reassuring- especially when it comes to keeping marine communities safe.

Woolgoolga Marine Rescue’s Unit Commander, Brian Taylor, oversees training of volunteers up and down the coastline and says the value of corporate sponsorship is never taken lightly.

With a brand new 9.6 metre Naiad Hamilton Jet boat to run, the unit no longer has to worry about fuel costs with regional fuel transporter Lowes Petroleum providing fuel and lubricants for this busy rescue operation.

“It’s powered by a Cummins 575 horsepower engine,” Commander Taylors says. “At top speed of 33 knots, we’re using around 75 litres per hour and, when cruising at 22 to 25 knots, we’re around just over 50 litres per hour. So, you can see why the donation of fuel from Lowes Petroleum is so greatly appreciated.

“We cover the unit at Wooli in the north, to Coffs Harbour in the south and we’re surveyed to go 30 miles out to sea,” Commander Taylor said. “It’s a fair area we’re responsible for. The donation of fuel means we can train more extensively. When you are a not-for-profit, you do have to weigh up your running costs, so this gives us the flexibility to train more often.”

With Woolgoolga one of 45 strategic marine rescue locations across the NSW coastline, Lowes Petroleum’s Sales Manager, Roger Hay, who was instrumental in initiating this collaboration, hopes this is the start of many more such relationships.

“It’s a win for the community,” Mr Hay says. “Everyone sees these guys out on the water doing an incredible job and, whether you use them or not, you’re always happy to know they’re there.

“We supply diesel for the new boat and oil or grease for the tractor and trailers. We are offering support where we can. We are even providing marquees for cover at their monthly markets and fuel vouchers for raffle fundraising; we’re happy to get on board with anything they’re running to help the profile of the club.

“With a depot based in Grafton and close to the East Coast, we do a lot with the commercial fishing fleet in the area, along with the industrial side of the marine economy. We also have many recreational boaters as customers, so anything we can do to help people be safe on the water is good for everyone.

“They risk their lives to keep everyone safe, but I don’t think they see it that way. It’s something they’re passionate about: they’re helping people and they enjoy that. The benefit is – it keeps the rest of us safe”.

Well done Lowes Petroleum, keep up the community support, and a massive thankyou to the team at the Marine Rescue Unit, it is our hope you wont be needed, and it is very comforting to know that if you are needed you are there, fuelled up and ready to go.

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)