Pure Hydrogen Corporation plans to pursue the North American export market following its first sale of the company’s Taurus hydrogen fuel cell powered prime mover (pictured).

Pure Hydrogen subsidiary HDrive International has received a US$1.22 million purchase order from United States company Nutcher Hydrogen for a prime mover and a 54 seater bus, and has plans to pursue the North American market.

Pure Hydrogen believes it has a competitive advantage in the American market as it has vehicles ready to be delivered now, with not many other companies ready to sell hydrogen vehicles to customers.

Managing Director Scott Brown said the US government was spending around US$40 billion on promoting hydrogen, including 50 percent subsidies for the purchase of a truck or bus, making the US an important market for the company.

Brown said on Investor Stream media: “That makes it very interesting and very attractive and that’s why we got some initial orders out of the US.

“But we think that’s certainly only scratching the surface and it’s a huge market and we are keen to get after it.”

More than 540,000 trucks are sold in the US every year, making it the world’s biggest market.

“With the state and federal governments providing a lot of incentives it is a very attractive proposition to move away from diesel trucks and buses to either hydrogen or battery electric.

“The infrastructure is coming along quite well and certainly is more advanced than Australia because both state and federal governments…have put a lot of money into it.

“We are keen to be part of the landscape and be a player in that market.”

Taurus is a 6×4 prime mover with a range of 600 kilometres. Gross Vehicle Mass is 18 tonnes, 49 tonnes or 70 tonnes – making them suitable for B Double operation.

“We have very compoetitive hydrogen powered trucks and buses, and there are not many competitors at the moment.

“So we have an extremely attractive proposition that is ready to go to market.

“With those subsidies that are available it becomes quite a compelling proposition.”

Brown said hydrogen vehicles had benefits over battery electric vehicles – they take only 15 minutes to refuel, don’t need batteries to be replaced, and weigh 1.3 tonnes less than an equivalent battery electric vehicle.

“We see hydrogen as well placed particularly in the heavy truck and bus market.”

Pure Hydrogen is also an investor in hydrogen bus, truck, utility vehicle and van manufacturer H2X Global.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.aumanufacturing.com.au/pure-hydrogen-prime-mover-exported-to-the-us