A shocking video posted to social media captured the chaotic moment a car and ute aggressively rammed into each other while nearly causing a dramatic rollover at a Perth petrol station.

Posted by the popular Aussie-based Instagram account @browncardigan, the video depicts a shocking case of road rage that took place at Liberty fuel station near Sawyer Road in Calista about 6.30pm on Friday.

In the video, a smaller hatchback is seemingly trying to prevent the ute from driving as it parks itself in front of the car, causing a loud burnout and uproar of smoke.

Moments later, the hatchback drives away.

But before the ute can make a swift escape, the hatchback quickly circles around, smashing into the side of the four-wheeler.

The ute is pushed onto its two side wheels for a few seconds.

Without a moment to spare, the hatchback races away from the scene with its bumper completely smashed.

The ute — also seriously damaged — quickly decides to follow the hatchback before pulling over to talk to the person filming the ordeal.

The shirtless driver can be heard saying to the camera person, “That’s my-” before the video cuts off.

People were quick to speculate what really sparked the chaotic road rage incident.

One commented: “Finish the sentence… “That’s my…’Mum?’”

Some requested more context to the shocking show of rage: “Need the back story.”

Others even begged for more of the mysterious drama: “I wanna see a rematch.”

According to Kwinana Police, both drivers are known to each other and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/video-shows-two-cars-going-head-to-head-in-chaotic-demolition-derby-at-perth-petrol-station-in-calista-c-13065201