Thousands of homes have been left without power across Western Australia and two towns are battling a fuel shortage after a nasty storm caused major damage to power lines.

“We’re working on the power outage impacting around 15,000 homes and businesses in Kalgoorlie and surrounds after the storm passed through the area bringing high winds, rain, and lightning strikes,” it said.

“5 x 220kVA large transmission towers that supply power on the Merredin to Kalgoorlie line were damaged by the storm.

“We have a team of engineers and technicians working on plans to re-energise the 220kVA line.

“Synergy technicians are currently conducting repairs on the power station.”

A spokesperson for the company told the ABC it was aware of the disruption caused by the outages but could not provide a concrete restoration time.

Angry locals have taken to social media to vent their frustration at the situation.

“Wow what is happening in Australia at the moment. Kalgoorlie… no fuel, no power, no phone , no internet and back up generators have failed,” one Facebook user said.

A Kalgoorlie resident said generators have sold out in the town.

“Today is a 42⁰C day with no electricity here in Kalgoorlie. Some of us have generators. The shops that had gennies for sale, have all sold out by this morning already,” they said.

“No power since yesterday. Out today, possibly tomorrow. Telstra/Optus gone. Fortunately have a generator for a/c and Starlink internet,” wrote another.

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