Whether it’s the familiarity of the technology, or simply the fact you might still hear an engine roar into life, hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICEs) have been a topic that regularly catches the eyes of H2 View readers.

Aside from familiarity and sound, hydrogen ICEs could provea pragmatic, near-zero carbon solution for long-haul trucking. And Westport Fuel Systems is gearing itself up to start moving.

In the latter months of 2023, the Canadian-headquartered company announced successful trials of its hydrogen high pressure direct injection (HPDI™) technology equipped to heavy-duty trucks. But, having attracted the interest of major truck OEM Volvo Group, the company could be on course for bigger things down the road.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.h2-view.com/feature/westport-fuel-systems-hydrogen-ice-powered-plans-for-heavy-duty-trucks/2103959.article/