“BeyondZero provides an answer to the climate targets in the transportation sector,” explains Marc Feldmann, CEO of CFG. “The transport sector is extremely difficult to decarbonize. Our mission is to show that industrial fuel supply and climate protection can come from a single source to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

EU CO2 reduction targets are putting increasing pressure on fuel suppliers to quickly switch to renewable solutions. Carbon Farming Germany is answering this call with a fuel that not only reduces CO2 emissions in the future, but also reverses CO2 emissions from the past. This effect is achieved by converting biogas digestate into biochar for the first time.

CFG’s first plant will cover the annual requirements of 300 large trucks in a CO2-neutral way. In addition, over 75,000 tons of CO2 will be removed from the atmosphere every year – that is equivalent to the emissions of 7,500 flight tickets from Frankfurt to New York. The biochar produced in the process is supplied to the agricultural sector, enabling farmers to increase their crop yields by up to 15%.

“We have patented the process in the EU and the USA, and with our test run and the laboratory results, we have shown the world that our concept works,” adds Marc Feldmann. “The final development phase for the first plant will begin next year. Construction will begin in 2025 and we will supply Germany’s transportation sector with BeyondZero for the first time in 2026.”

Extracted in full from:  https://www.chemeurope.com/en/news/1182492/world-first-the-first-co2-negative-biofuel-comes-from-germany.html