This is the dramatic moment a Jaguar ploughed into a Londis store causing £20,000 worth of damage after the driver appeared to lose control.

CCTV shows the silver car driving over a pedestrian crossing before hitting a bump and swerving into the front of the shop.

The Jaguar smashed through the front doors of the convenience store in Coxheath, Kent at 1am last Saturday. The vehicle tore the door off its hinges and multiple shelves and displays were destroyed inside.

In the wake of the crash the driver can be seen clambering out of the expensive vehicle before returning to speak to a passenger.

A second man then climbs out of the car on the driver’s side before both slowly making their way out of the building, seemingly uninjured.

Police said a man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving but was later released without charge.

Store owner Sham Singh Bains believes the driver and passenger are ‘lucky to be alive’.

Despite the damage, the store remained open for business and with the help of staff and locals, was repaired within two days.

Mr Bains said: ‘The main thing is that nobody got hurt. How they didn’t hit the poles outside, or the walls I don’t know.

‘I’m surprised the car fit through the door. They also narrowly avoided the beam inside as well.

‘If they hit that I’m sure someone would have been killed.’

One of the shop clerks, Emmanouela Prifti, lives in a flat above the store with her 10-year-old daughter. They had just finished a day shift on Friday at 9pm not long before the crash.

She said: ‘I can remember I heard something but what alerted me was the alarm.

‘I checked out my window on the opposite side and didn’t see anything but that’s when Sham phoned me to say there is a car in the shop can you go downstairs, please as the police are on their way.’

Emma met the police downstairs and confirmed she worked in the store but was concerned for their safety.

The store’s owner arrived at around 4am and helped start the major two-day clean-up operation on-site.

Sham, from Southall, West London, said: ‘The staff were amazing. A lot of them came in on their days off to help clean up. They came in automatically and wanted to help.

‘The people who live next door as well helped and others in the village came down and helped.

‘The mess was mainly made by the soft drinks but we had our sliding doors inside and shelves everywhere.’

Sham made calls to companies who helped refit temporary doors by 2pm on the Saturday and by 7pm the next day the mess had been cleaned, shelves rebuilt and stock replaced.

He added: ‘People were amazed how we did it, for two days from opening until closing we were cleaning up.’

However, Sham predicts he has lost more than £20,000 in damage and loss of items.

He said: ‘I am going to the police to ask for the names of those involved so I can look to make an insurance claim but if nothing comes from that I will look at private prosecution.’

A spokesman for the police said: ‘We were called after a car collided with a building in Heath Road, Coxheath. Officers attended and there were no reported injuries.

‘A 21-year-old man from Maidstone was arrested on suspicion of driving while over the legal alcohol limit and taken into custody. He was later released without charge.’

It is understood an investigation remains ongoing.

MailOnline has contacted Kent Police for further comment.

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