Plug Delivers Several Portable Liquid Hydrogen Refuelers to Customers – Removes significant barrier to consideration of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Plug Power Inc. (NASDAQ: PLUG), a global leader in comprehensive hydrogen solutions for the green hydrogen economy, delivered several first-of-its-kind liquid hydrogen portable refuelers to transit agencies and trucking fleet customers.

Plug’s HL-450D-P is a complete hydrogen refueling station on a portable platform that can be quickly and easily deployed to support fleet vehicle hydrogen refueling at either 350 bar or 700 bar, with minimal site preparation and needing only a single electrical connection.

The product was designed to reduce infrastructure costs and deployment time for medium-duty and heavy-duty hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. Customers for this solution include fleet vehicle operators looking to decarbonize operations, such as mass transit agencies that operate buses, trains, ferries and more, as well as logistics companies and retail distributors.

Andy Marsh, Plug CEO, said:

Our portable refueler product is a prime example of Plug’s cutting-edge innovation driving cost-effective adoption of hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors like transportation.

“With minimal upfront costs, mass transit authorities, logistics companies, and retailers can now quickly pop up low-carbon hydrogen refueling infrastructure to support their fleets.”

Plug’s portable refueler is ideal for initial fleet deployments that require a high performance fueling solution at small scale, and delays the need for construction of a permanent fueling station. This quick-to-deploy and reduced cost solution demonstrates the benefit of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) compared to battery electric vehicles (BEV) for commercial fleets. Adopting hydrogen-powered FCEVs can result in up to a 25% increase in payload capacity and cut refueling time by up to 98% over BEVs.

The product includes a 1,500 kilogram (kg) cryogenic liquid storage tank, pumping and vaporization system, and a J2601 compliant dispenser that allows for fueling directly into a FCEV. It also includes onboard telemetry for remote monitoring, ensuring excellent service is maintained. This solution is also easy to re-deploy, eliminating capital risk of trial projects.

The innovation was made possible through Plug’s acquisition of ACT in November 2021, and is manufactured at the manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. The portable fueler has undergone comprehensive process safety analysis and safe operation is guaranteed by factory quality control.

Many organizations in the transportation sector have committed to reducing their carbon emissions. According to a recent report from the Rhodium Group, transportation is the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting sector in the United States, increasing emissions by 1.6% in 2023 over the previous year.

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