SoCalGas Showcases Zero Emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Technologies by Kenworth and Toyota at 2024 World Ag Expo.

Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) alongside Kenworth Truck Company (Kenworth) and Toyota Motor North America Inc. (Toyota) are displaying two zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) at the annual World Ag Expo this week. SoCalGas’ booth will showcase Kenworth’s Class 8 T680 hydrogen FCEV truck powered by Toyota, as well as one of SoCalGas’s zero emissions fleet vehicles, a hydrogen fuel cell electric Toyota Mirai. As part of SoCalGas’ ASPIRE 2045 sustainability strategy, SoCalGas has converted 38% of its over-the-road fleet to run on alternative fuels like hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and battery electric. The company aims to continue growing its alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) fleet, with an interim goal of reaching a 50% AFV powered fleet by 2025 and a 100% zero emissions fleet by 2035.

Don Widjaja, vice president of Customer Energy Solutions at SoCalGas, said:

Incorporating multiple options like hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and electric vehicles, especially for medium- and heavy-duty transportation,

“can help provide companies and California a reliable and resilient path to reduce greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxide emissions and improve air quality in our local communities,”

“Continued investment and advancements in zero greenhouse gas emissions technologies like hydrogen can help accelerate decarbonization efforts in agriculture, round-the-clock operations at the ports, and regional and long-haul trucking operations.”

Last year, Kenworth and Toyota completed a joint pilot program at the Port of Los Angeles where Kenworth customers operated 10 prototype T680 hydrogen FCEV trucks in a real-world setting. The program’s success laid the foundation for Kenworth and Toyota engineers to develop the T680 FCEV that is the focus of its commercialization plans. The T680 FCEV is powered by Gen 2 Toyota Fuel Cells with 60kG of onboard compressed hydrogen storage behind the cab. The fuel cell stacks provide power to a 310kW electric motor, bolstered by 200kW of onboard battery storage, that together efficiently provide 415 continuous horsepower with a range up to 450 miles on a single hydrogen fill.

Kevin Haygood, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing, said:

Kenworth is proud to pioneer one of the longest driving ranges of zero emissions trucks on the market.

“With quick refueling, our regional and long-haul customers can achieve round-the-clock operations with an option that reliably and sustainably decarbonizes their fleet.”

Also on display at the booth is one of SoCalGas’ zero emissions hydrogen fleet vehicles, the Toyota Mirai, which uses a hydrogen fuel cell to generate the electricity that powers the vehicle. The latest 2023 model has a range of up to 402 miles, with city/highway milage of up to 76/71 mpg equivalent respectively.

Thibaut de Barros Conti, general manager Fuel Cell Solutions, Toyota Motor North America, said:

The Japanese word Mirai means ‘future,’ and our cutting-edge Mirai helped shine a light on how hydrogen can provide a viable pathway to a zero emissions future for company fleets.

“Because of the scalability of our hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric technology, we were able to integrate it into the Kenworth T680 truck to highlight how commercial customers can reduce their carbon footprint, operate more sustainably, and still maintain current range and refueling expectations.”

SoCalGas has exhibited at every World Ag Expo since its inception in 1968, and the company’s booth is located at the corner of H & Median Street. There is also a 30-foot shovel on display to emphasize the importance of calling 811 prior to beginning any project that involves digging. Call 811 or click here before digging, and follow 811 safety tips during your project. Learn more about SoCalGas’ sustainability efforts at

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