A bizarre TikTok trend making the rounds online has been branded “disrespectful” and forced petrol stations to issue a warning.

In recent weeks, truck owners have been heading down to their local petrol stations to purchase a colourful slushie. Rather than drink it, they launch it at their vehicles.

Some clips have racked up millions of views, including one from TikTok user Omar (@omarswheels).

Another TikToker jumped on the trend, while showing a notice reading: “Please do NOT throw slushies in the fuel area. We are tired of cleaning up. Thanks! Management. We are taking it seriously.”

Nevertheless, Brett Michaels (@brett.michaels) continued with his stunt.

But, what is the purpose?

TikToker @mander2474 theorised that “Marketplace has been taken away from some people,” with claims that people are recording the clips so people are “throwing a fit” over it.

Another is to make the trucks look “slushed,” because the vehicle “is too clean.”

Meanwhile, another theory is that it’s to “bring the truck scene together.”

However, the TikToker said that if that was the reason, the “only beef” she had with the trend was that it’s bringing people together by “destroying public property.”

“Most people’s videos I see, unfortunately, you’re making a disaster at the gas stations by overfilling the slushies. The one guy I saw put his boots underneath which is unsanitary,” she explained.

“You know for a fact if you’ve ever been a public service worker that it’s annoying to clean up. It’s not really nice and kind of disrespectful to the employees or other customers that are in the business.”

But overall, it’s seemingly just another pointless TikTok trend “for fun.”

“If you do it right and you’re not disrespectful, then it is fun,” the TikToker said. “It’s what TikTok is for.”

Extracted in full from:  https://www.indy100.com/tiktok/slushie-trend-warnings-gas-stations