Service station owner’s message after brazen Auckland robbery

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March 5, 2024
Police are looking for eight people who brazenly robbed a Central Auckland service station yesterday morning.

Some of the group were armed with hammers, police said.

CCTV footage shows a terrified worker at Western Springs Caltex making a frantic dash for safety as the group storms the counter.

From the back room of the petrol station, the worker triggered the fog cannon. The employee wasn’t hurt.

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Caltex franchise owner Sanjai Bagia said offenders, especially in Auckland, need to start being held to account.

“There are no consequences it seems, they don’t get caught. We have had some good outcomes outside of Auckland, I know that in Hawke’s Bay for example the police are on top of it.

“But in places like Auckland they just report that they’re following leads but we really need to catch these guys and bring them to account.”

Sanjai Bagia said it’s an ongoing issue and offenders aren’t being held to account.
Bagia said that while there’s been a rise in robberies recently, this incident was “unprecedented” because it was in broad daylight.

“We’ve had so many raids. This year alone there’s been eight, but this one was broad daylight and we’ve just never seen that before.”

“It’s a community-wide problem. Multiple agencies need to get involved, not just the government.”

Bagia said he’d like to see the police “come to the party” and the issues can’t go on for any longer.

Data published by police in January shows retail crime costs Kiwis $1 billion each year.

Police said a strengthened multi-agency response is being trialled in parts of Auckland to address the factors leading young people to offend.

“The government has also allocated $6 million from the Proceeds of Crime Fund for a crime prevention programme managed by police which will include solutions such as installing bollards or other security for small retailers.”

Police said responses to these crimes are usually district managed and include “significant investigative action” to find and hold those responsible to account.

“Police has also been actively working alongside retailers and retail communities to give them prevention advice and support.”

Minister of Justice Paul Goldsmith said the Government was working on progressing the Ram Raid Offending and Related Measures Amendment Bill.

“[The bill] was introduced by the previous Government at the 11th hour, during the last week of the 53rd Parliament. This took far too long and was at the expense of many Kiwi businesses,” Goldsmith said in a statement.

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