The South Australian state government is introducing two new parking offences that take aim at the unfortunate habit of ICEing and EV squatting, in an effort to smooth EV integration and access to charging infrastructure.

Under the rules announced over the Easter weekend, non-electric vehicles will be prohibited from parking in a designated electric vehicle (EV) parking area, an act commonly referred to as ICEing, particularly when done intentionally.

An on-the-spot fine of $75 will be handed out to perpetrators.

Similarly, EVs parked in a charging area when the vehicle is not being charged will also incur a fine of $111.

Local councils will be installing signage alongside EV parking and charging bays reminding drivers of the new offences.

The two new parking offences are being described as part of the South Australian government’s efforts to address the growing presence of EVs and to facilitate their smooth integration into the state’s road network.

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