Pacific Energy, Australia’s foremost provider of green hydrogen production and refuelling facilities, announced the acquisition of the Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Facility from ActewAGL.

Situated in Fyshwick in the southern precinct of the nation’s capital, this facility, which debuted in 2021, was the pioneering publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling station in Australia.

This strategic acquisition marks Pacific Energy’s inaugural investment in hydrogen infrastructure, augmenting its existing portfolio of energy assets, the company said in a media release.

As a trailblazer in hydrogen solutions, the company said this investment aligns with the company’s vision to foster a robust and innovative mobility ecosystem through the provision of dependable and safe hydrogen refuelling stations.

Originally conceived and constructed by Pacific Energy subsidiary ENGV, the facility stands as a testament to the company’s in-house capabilities and culture of innovation.

Furthermore, it underscores the proficiency of its equipment partners, NEL for electrolysers, and PDC Machines and IVYS Energy Solutions for hydrogen refuelling stations.

Since its inception, the station has catalysed Canberra’s hydrogen mobility journey, serving an expanding fleet of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Notably, the ACT Government, the largest FCEV fleet operator, will continue to access and utilise the station through an extended fleet lease facilitated by Hyundai.

Other prominent users of the facility include ActewAGL, Woodside Energy, and the Korean Embassy.

FCEVs from Hyundai and Toyota, namely the NEXO and the Mirai, respectively, further underline the station’s importance in promoting zero-emission transport.

Pacific Energy reaffirms its commitment to fostering the growth of the ACT green hydrogen ecosystem by making the station accessible for car refuelling.

Jamie Cullen, CEO of Pacific Energy, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting its alignment with the company’s mission to lead in infrastructure provision across various fuel technologies.

He stressed, “With our already established reputation and track record of delivering broad-based hydrogen solutions, the acquisition of the Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Facility perfectly aligns with our goal to be a leading provider of the infrastructure the sector is seeking to scale.”

Backed by the ACT Government’s ambitious target of achieving 80-90 per cent zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030, Pacific Energy said it views investments in hydrogen refuelling infrastructure as crucial in supporting this objective.

Collaborative efforts with Hyundai, Toyota, and Ampol aim to construct stations for FCEVs, with the ACT Government championing these initiatives as part of its commitment to a clean energy future.

Fiona Wright from the ACT Government underscores hydrogen’s role in decarbonising the transport sector and expresses anticipation for continued collaboration with Pacific Energy.

“As part of our commitment to reach net zero by 2045, decarbonising the ACT transport sector is a key focus. Hydrogen will continue to have a role to play in this, with the Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Station providing the essential infrastructure to meet future demand for this fuel type,” Wright concluded.

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