Busy motorists could save up to 26c a litre at the bowser in a bid to ease the cost of living pressures for frequent toll road users.

Transurban is offering motorists with an active Linkt account a monthly 12c per litre discount as part of its loyalty rewards program over the next three months.

The savings can stack with the other 14c in savings from Coles/Shell stations – tripling the savings.

Transurban group executive customer and technology Simon Moorfield said he hoped the discount would help motorists combat the rising costs of living.

“We understand that many people are feeling cost-of-living pressures and this gives our customers who travel frequently an opportunity to drive their dollar even further,” Mr Moorfield said.

“Our research shows the cost of fuel is one of the biggest cost-of-living concerns for Australian households and we want to act to help motorists.”

Frequent travellers who take 10 trips on toll roads across Melbourne during the months of April, May and June will be offered the fuel discount barcode.

Motorists looking to fill up are also being urged to shop around with prices at some bowsers, in Melbourne’s north almost 10c a litre lower than south of the Yarra river.

Analysis by the Herald Sun this week revealed drivers in Port Melbourne and South Melbourne were forking out 198.9c per litre. Meanwhile, those in Carlton and Collingwood – little more than 6km away – coughed up 189.9c per litre from the same petrol station chains.

Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association CEO Mark McKenzie suggested drivers turn to fuel price apps to ensure they pay less at the bowser.

“It’s not unusual to see price variations between 10-12c across suburbs,” he said. “A lot of people don’t understand that the businesses are different, and while they’re all selling the same product they also have different cost structures.

“Some sell a lot more non-fuel products than others which means they can have lower prices. Those that don’t need to make up costs elsewhere which means increasing the cost of fuel.”

The highest price for regular unleaded petrol in metropolitan Melbourne on Wednesday was 204.9c per litre – compared with 182.9c per litre for the cheapest fuel.

Overall, Victorian drivers could expect to pay more for fuel as soon as within the next fortnight as Melbourne nears the end of its petrol price cycle, Mr McKenzie said.

“The average petrol price topped out at 222.2c per litre on March 19 but since then it’s been falling,” he said.

“Melbourne’s petrol price cycle is running about two weeks behind Sydney’s and a week behind Brisbane.”

Extracted in full from:  https://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/this-gives-our-customers-who-travel-frequently-an-opportunity-to-drive-their-dollar-even-further/news-story/7aadf8409e274e6d3a0abfe89fe6b20b