ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie spoke today to FiveAA’s Matthew Pantelis about the announcement that bp Australia is acquiring X Convenience.

The acquisition, announced today, will be subject to regulatory approval and will see bp Australia take a combination of freehold and leasehold ownership over the 50 X Convenience store sites.

BP vice president of business development and low carbon solutions Lisa Archbold said the deal would strengthen BP’s presence in the South Australian market following Viva Energy acquisition of OTR, which previously sourced most of its fuel from BP.

“We’re focused on retaining a really strong national presence and so the X Convenience opportunity was one that we were looking at to ensure that we retained that,” she said.

“And it wasn’t just about the sites. It was also about the fact that this is a really terrific network – it’s got a terrific offer and it’s got a terrific convenience brand, so it strategically fits with us as well, both in the fuels and in the convenience space.

“It’s certainly an enormous local success story, and it’s grown really rapidly. The offers that they’ve got in market are really first rate – a very high quality offer, a high quality network.”