Lines of cars snaked from a petrol station in Sydney’s southwest on Tuesday as motorists headed to Metro Petroleum Punchbowl to fill up their cars with the cheapest petrol prices in a decade.

The Punchbowl servo is the first of a number of selected petrol stations offering fuel for 99c per litre on the first Tuesday of every month between 3pm and 5pm.

The cost-of-living relief for locals is the result of a partnership between the national rewards club Dreams Come True Club (DCT) and select Metro Petroleum stations.

Outside of the sale hours, unleaded petrol was advertised at the petrol station for 192.7c — which means almost a dollar per litre of savings was on offer.

One ute driver in the line brought his 600L fuel tank and told 7NEWS he intended to fill it up.

Some people caught in a standstill in the long lines told 7NEWS they had no idea why the traffic was congested.

But those expecting a bargain at the bowser were prepared with refreshments, newly downloaded albums to pass the time, and jerrycans to make the most of the sale.

And the bargain couldn’t come soon enough for some.

“I’m happy to wait,” one motorist told 7NEWS, adding that her petrol light was on. “If I have to push the car, I have to push the car.”

DCT Club offers memberships everywhere excluding SA and the ACT, and Metro Petroleum has over 500 petrol stations nationally — that means motorists across Australia will be able to cash in on the once-a-month offer.

But exactly which station will be next to offer the 99c per litre petrol, remains a surprise.

Metro Petroleum owner George Dib said he welcomed the opportunity to give back to its customers.

“Times are tough, there is no denying that. Wherever you look, it seems like consumers can’t get a break,” he said.

“In this environment, we are absolutely on board with this initiative by DCT Club to alleviate some of the cost stress in the community.”


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