London based electric vehicle (EV) charging company Ohme has brought its award-winning ePod residential EV charging technology to Australia.

Founded in 2017 and now he fastest-growing EV charging company in the UK and Ireland, Ohme offers two residential EV chargers to customers in its home country – the Ohme Home Pro and the Ohme ePod.

Both Ohme’s chargers integrate live data from the national grid to start and stop charging in line with low energy demand periods when prices are lower, and also integrates relevant energy tariffs and load balancing.

While Ohme is only launching in Australia with the compact Ohme ePod, the company’s website does promise that the Ohme Home Pro is “coming soon”.

The Ohme ePod does not come with a tethered cable and plug, like the Ohme Home Pro, but is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 cables. Both models feature power output of 7.4kW and max current of 32A and features a 3G/4G multi-net sim card with costs covered by Ohme over the first three years for improved connectivity.

This connectivity allows the Ohme ePod to connect via a smartphone app or via buttons on the charger, but when the larger Ohme Home Pro makes its way to Australia, owners will be able to utilise the charger’s built-in LCD screen.

The Ohme ePod is also compatible with solar and battery and comes with a 3-year as standard warranty.

All of this means that, according to Ohme, charging a Tesla Model Y Long Range with an 81kWh battery on a full charge with an Ohme smart charger on an off-peak tariff, such as OVO’s The EV Plan, could cost just $6.48.

“Ohme’s unique technology and software has seen us enjoy rapid growth in the UK and Europe and we’re pleased to be able to introduce the ePod to EV drivers in Australia,” said Reece Davis, head of sales for Ohme Australia.

Ohme has already been named official charging provider for the Volkswagen Group and Polestar in both the UK and Ireland, as well as by Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai in the UK and Volvo Cars in Ireland.

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