So there we were, hammering down the M5 taking advantage of a gap between rain clouds and meetings, hungry as hell.

Our goal: 2 Foodies, a Vietnamese soup shop in Mount Pritchard operating out of a Speedway servo wedged at the corner of Meadows Road and Elizabeth Drive.

A friend had tipped us off about the place weeks ago, giving us a recommendation so strong it was all we could to stop from pulling out onto what we recall Vince Sorrenti calling “the Middle Eastern Distributor” right there and then.

The 2 Foodies concept is simple.

A classic Vietnamese migrant’s café or restaurant, carved out of some space in a servo out by Liverpool, with a guy selling auto care products off a card table out front and a hand car wash out the back.

Anyone who’s travelled and eaten out of the way knows this is occasionally a recipe for disaster but far more often the sign of hidden greatness.

Spoiler alert: the bet – $20 for a bowl of soup plus tolls and petrol for a thirst V8 – paid off.

On arrival, the owner, Pete Nguyen – who wound up in Australia as a refugee and learned to cook off his mum – is there behind the counter.

What look like other family members are pottering around in and out from the back; the scene confirms our belief that the future of this country will always be made by kids doing their homework in their migrant parents’ restaurants.

Now here’s the thing.

We consider ourselves something of a connoisseur of pho, the Vietnamese broth/meat/noodles/herbs dish.

A pho-natic, as it were.

We’ve consumed it at all the great linoleum table joints of Haymarket, Marrickville, Cabramatta, though we have not yet had it in Vietnam (next year?).

And we have to say, this was possibly the best pho we’ve ever had, certainly in Sydney.


Well, all the trappings were there. Beautiful noodles, rare beef, identifiable meatballs.

But as with these things, it all comes down to the broth: And here was the point of difference.

Darker, richer, peppery, and more unctuous, almost oily, this was a marked contrast to every pho we’ve ever had before.

Was this less authentic? Amped up for Aussie tastes? We don’t know, we don’t care.

We’re just looking for an excuse to get out to Liverpool again.

— The Mouth is an anonymous critic and bon vivant who pays his own way around Sydney and beyond.

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