A new initiative from 7-11 Australia looks to reduce textile waste heading to landfills by upcycling old employee uniforms.

By working with Loop Upcycling, 7-11 Australia has taken its old uniforms and other textiles and turned them into fabric beanies to be donated.

“Having identified old uniforms and other textiles, and learning from Loop Upcycling what the fabrics could be turned into, we collaborated with our community partners The Salvation Army and AMES Australia to determine what would be most useful for their clients,” said Julie Laycock, general manager at 7-Eleven.

The beanies have been donated to the homeless, those dealing with winter power bill challenges, and new migrants and refugees dealing with the Melbourne winter.

This partnership has prevented over 143kg of clothing waste from hitting landfills.

Extracted in full from:  https://www.waste360.com/waste-recycling/7-11-australia-partners-with-loop-upcycling-to-reuse-old-uniforms-for-donations