HR Highlight: Termination at Christmas

Terminating employees can be a minefield of compliance at the best of times, so during the festive season there are additional issues employers should be aware of.

From the need …
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HR Highlight: Misconduct

Clear communication of expectations allows businesses to address loose cannons and manage misconduct

That’s inappropriate

Businesses who have clearly articulated misconduct policies are better situated to address and manage issues …
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HR Highlight: Are you in control?

Strong Stock and Cash Control policies are a must for every business. If you are not in control of your product and your profits, you are not in control of …
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HR Highlight: Bullying in the Spotlight

As the House of Representatives Inquiry into bullying continues there is a greater focus on bullying in the media. So it is opportune then to examine some key elements of …
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HR Highlight: Skills and due diligence

Are your employees up to scratch?

Workplace Relations focuses on the relationship between the employee and the employer, and as workplace relations practitioners we often focus on statutory compliance and …
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HR Highlight: Industry Position Descriptions

Accurately describing the job roles in a business is valuable for many reasons. Current and relevant Position Descriptions allow businesses and employees to clear up any confusion around tasks, level …
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HR Highlight: WHS Reps Right of Entry

When, how and where can a WHS Rep access your business

SafeWork Australia has recently released Interpretive Guideline on the operation of the Workplace Entry provisions under the Work Health and Safety …
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Dismissal…for health reasons?

Fitness to work is a minefield that could cost your business

Dismissing employees for any reason is a delicate process. Appropriate behaviour, communication, confidentiality and legitimate grounds are required. The …
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HR Highlight: Resignation hesitation

I take it back!  When is a resignation final?

When an employee gives their resignation, verbally or in writing that resignation is considered final and the employer is not required …
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HR Highlights: Retailers are warned to watch the clock
8 years ago

HR Highlights: Retailers are warned to watch the clock

All time worked is time to be paid

A Fair Work Australia case highlighted the need for retailers to closely evaluate the way they direct the tasks of their workers, …
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