fuel security

Australia feels pressure over emergency oil

In the last line of defence against a global oil supply shock, Australia has long been the weakest link.

It is the only country among the 29 members of the …
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Energy White Paper eyes productivity and cost factors

Despite concerted efforts, particularly from the gas industry, to press for a greater focus on freight fuels other than diesel, the Federal Government’s Energy White Paper (EWP) refuses to accept …
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Cabinet ministers disagree over Australia’s oil reserve

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Last night we brought you the story of how you could soon be paying more for petrol as the Government looks for ways to build or fund …
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Australian oil reserves below international standards and will cost billions to fix, energy white paper says

The Industry Minister has revealed motorists could be slugged up to 2 cents a litre at the petrol pump to help the Government pay for “extraordinarily expensive” options to …
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The fuel supply debate In Australia

By  •  Advocacy, ACAPMA, Supply

Many readers will be aware that there is currently a national debate surrounding Australia’s adherence with the IEA’s International Energy Programme (IEP), with much of it arising from a report …
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Fuel industry: Not drowning, waving

It must look like it is a great exodus that defines the future of the Australian fuel industry. With each significant announcement by a major oil company we see another …
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