Cigarettes could rise to $40 a packet under Turnbull government tax slug plan

Simon Benson, 15 March 2016

THE price of a packet of cigarettes could soon soar to $40 if the Turnbull government copies a Labor plan to help pay for income …
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Cigarette tax hike would hurt poorest the most

David Uren, 24 November 2015

The federal budget is hooked on tobacco taxes, which now provide it with more revenue than taxing petrol, super or capital gains tax.

The nation’s …
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‘Smoking’s disastrous’: Bill Shorten confirms Labor is considering raising the tobacco tax

Latika Bourke, 11 November 2015

Bill Shorten says smoking is “disastrous” and has confirmed the federal opposition is considering increasing the price of cigarettes to more than $40 a packet …
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Balaclava-clad thief makes off with service station’s entire cigarette stock

Marissa Calligeros, 03 November 2015

A balaclava-clad thief has stolen a Melbourne service station’s entire stock of cigarettes.

The man parked his white ute outside the Shell Coles Express on Middleborough Road in Blackburn North …
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Tobacco industry threatens to launch super-cheap ciggies as officials want more power to seize illicit tobacco

The tobacco industry has threatened to launch super-cheap cigarettes costing just $9 a pack in response to a growing black market in cheap, illegal tobacco, which health officials claim they …
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AACS slams tobacco excise increases

Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) CEO, Jeff Rogut, says responsible retailers of legal tobacco are bearing the brunt while the illegal tobacco market has grown almost 30 per cent in …
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The Illegal tobacco business is booming across Australia

Illegal tobacco is booming across Australia with a 30 per cent increase in black market trade in the past two years costing taxpayers more than $1.35 billion, a new report …
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Plain Packaging Likely To Deter Smoking

Plain or standardised cigarette packs may deter non-smokers from taking up the habit and may cut the number of cigarettes that smokers get through, a new study has found.

In …
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