As part of ACAPMA’s continuing dialogue with the downstream industry within the Asia-Pacific Region, ACAPMA and SPEL Environmental were invited by the ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) to address the 27th ASCOPE Joint Committees and 81st National Committee Chairpersons Summit in Brunei.

This important Summitprovides a twice yearly opportunity for the State Owned Oil Companies (SOC’s) of the 10 ASEAN Economies to meet and share perspectives on the strategic issues facing the industry within the region.

From ACAPMA’s perspective, attendance at the Summit provided a rare opportunity to increase awareness of the inaugural 2016 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum – to be held in Singapore between 13 and 15 September 2016.

“The Summit also provided an opportunity for ACAPMA to better understand the challenges facing SOC’s as they grapple with increasing calls for greater levels of fuel industry competition in their respective economies”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

At ASCOPE’s request, Mark provided an overview of the downstream fuel market in Australia to ASCOPE’s Regional Trading & Marketing Committee. The presentation detailed the nature of the retail competition dynamic and included an overview of the refinery sector, using information kindly provided by the Australian Institute of Petroleum.

From all accounts, the presentation was well received and supported a further strengthening of relationships with some of the key stakeholders within the SOC’s that operate in South East Asia – including Petronas (Malaysia), PTT (Thailand) and Pertamina (Indonesia).

Mark was accompanied by SPEL Environmental’s Andy Hornbuckle who joined Mark as a result of his company being a sponsor of the 2016 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum.

Andy provided an address to ASCOPE’s Environmental & Safety Committee about the challenges of managing the environmental impacts of forecourt run-off, with a focus on hydrocarbon separation from forecourt wash. This presentation was again well received.

The ASCOPE visit was an important step in ACAPMA’s continuing engagement with the Asia Pacific Region, as it works towards the establishment of a Federation of national industry bodies to represent the interests of fuel wholesale and fuel retail businesses within the Region from 2017.

In helping our member businesses prepare for the future, ACAPMA recognised that the changing structure of the downstream fuels market means that the Australian industry will be increasingly connected with that of the South-East Asian Region”, said Mark McKenzie.

These changes are occurring at the same time as a number of South-East Asian economies consider the progressive deregulation of their markets and the need for development of internal capabilities within their SOC’s, to ensure that these businesses can compete effectively in an open market.

The Brunei visit is part of a major engagement programme with key stakeholders in the South-East Asian market with a view to establishing business connections and sharing information on the operation of our respective markets – the end goal being to make ACAPMA a stronger and more effective advocate for its members and partners here in Australia.

A key milestone in this work is the conduct of the inaugural Asia Pacific Fuel Industry (APFI) Forum, to be held in Singapore between 13 and 15 September 2016.

To find out more information about the 2016 APFI Forum, or inquire about exhibition or sponsorship opportunities, simply click here