ACAPMA has partnered with Paddl to connect you to a new breed of console operators. As the industry rapidly moves towards a future driven by technology and innovation, Paddl is a critical resource to help attract the next generation of smart, skilled and savvy workforce.

Paddl is a web app that helps you connect with, and build a talent pool of, students and graduates in Engineering, Technology, Retail, Hospitality, Business and Commerce.

Unlike other job boards, Paddl gives you access to emerging talent quickly and easily by providing you with a shortlist of candidates who have an interest in the industry and who meet your core requirements.

Find people committed to the industry
Connect with hundreds of students and graduates in Engineering, Technology, Retail, Hospitality Business and Commerce who have an interest in growing a career in the industry.

Transform your business
Embrace new technology – turn big ideas into profitable ventures with fresh, emerging talent at the helm.

Local talent at your fingertips
Paddl lets you connect with suitable candidates Australia-wide, whether you’re in the inner city, outer suburbs or in regional areas.

To find out more or register as a Paddl Employer, visit