ACAPMA invites Members to attend the 2018 ACAPMA Industry Evening in Melbourne on 24th October 2018.  The event, encompassing a Townhall session on best practice management of casuals in light of recent legal decisions, a Networking session and the ACAPMA Annual General Meeting, provides an opportunity for Members to learn more about a key pressure in the employment space, catch up with colleagues and participate in the governance of the Association.

Commencing at 14:00 on 24th October 2018, the event will kick off with a Townhall session on managing casuals.  This session will explore the changing pressures of engaging and managing casuals in light of recent legal decisions deeming regular casuals to be permanent staff, entitled to all of the benefits of same, including all leave entitlements.  The Federal Court recently deemed certain casuals to be permanent staff and has caused confusion in the industry around the employment of casuals, both regular and irregular.  This session will explore the decision, its specifics, as well as the response from unions, businesses and government.  Importantly the session will explore the steps businesses should be taking now, to ensure that they are meeting the requirements associated with engagement of casuals.

Following the Townhall Members are invited to catch up with colleagues over a drink in the Networking session.

To close the event Members are invited to the ACAPMA Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2018.  The AGM is an opportunity for Members to participate in the governance of the Association.  The AGM will review the activities and direction of the previous financial year as well as present the audited Financial Report for 2017/2018.  The AGM will then open to the Members for general business and any questions.  The AGM is an important part of the governance of the Association, and regardless of location, all Members have a right to have their vote heard.  Members who are unable to attend in person are reminded that they can still have their vote heard by passing their Proxy to another person from their business, or another ACAPMA Member to vote in their place, questions can also be added to the General Business in advance to be addressed at the AGM.  Members are reminded if they have any questions to be added to the Agenda of the AGM, or if they would like assistance with the operation of Proxy voting they can contact or call 1300 160 270.

The Principle for each Member has received their invitation to the ACAPMA Industry Evening, along with a copy of the Annual Report for 2017/2018 and a copy of the Proxy Voting Form.   This event is catered so RSVPs to are appreciated.  Members are also asked to please contact if they would like to arrange additional delegates from their business to attend the event.

The ACAPMA Industry Evening is open to all Members, though as per the Association Rules, only Distributor/Retailer (Voting) Members may vote in the motions put forward at the AGM.