The last few months have been a roller-coaster of uncertainty, emergency and response, and just as we collectively started to come out of the lockdowns and businesses started coming back to life we are being pulled into a second wave. This time is a bit different. Everyone is tired, everyone is stressed and the businesses across the country are not starting from a point of status quo, they are starting from a point of distress. As all of Victoria becomes subject to Mask requirements and the boarders slam shut in ever more restrictive ways, businesses are facing a new wave of COVID Confusion and ACAPMA is here to help.

ACAPMA is aware that the border restriction changes are causing concern and supply issues effecting South Australian and New South Wales border towns in the short term, where staff and fuel cannot cross as needed. It is also understood that the longer line delivery of fuel accross borders to contracted clients may also be effected. ACAPMA is working with the State and Federal regulators to deliver the information on these cases and get resolution to keep the fuel and essential staff moving. We are here to help, reach out to with your border concerns.

ACAPMA is aware that the Mask requirement has now been extended to all of Victoria. ACAPMA has circulated guidance and posters for retail sites on Mask use, and is here to help with individual issues that arise.

As we navigate this second wave of COVID Confusion, ACAPMA is here to help – reach out – and remember Lockdown Blues are No Joke! This second wave is going to be harder than the first.  There is going to be a higher emotional toll this time, for staff, for customers and for operators.  This week has already highlighted that this is true, not just for Victorians, who are wearing the brunt of it, but also across the country. 

So ACAPMA reminds all operators, as business people and as human beings; It is ok not to be ok, and it shows strength to ask for help!  If you or your staff are struggling…seek help.   

The Beyond Blue COVID-19 Mental Wellbeing support service is now up and running.  See; for more details and call 1300 224 636 24/7 for help

There are resources available to assist you and your employee’s mental health including:

  • Beyond Blue has developed free resources to assist you to find the information you need to feel confident in playing a support role. These can be accessed at
  • The My Business Health web portal offers dedicated holistic support to you to manage your outgoings, to access financial support, to prepare, respond and recover as the economy reopens, and how to seek out emotional support.
  • Every mind’s Ahead for Business, is another online resource specially designed to help you understand your mental health, manage business stress and provides tailored recommendations, information and programs.