COVID-19 is here to stay, at least for the medium term, and complacency kills, both people and businesses.  With the requirements and guidance’s shifting constantly, inconsistent approaches based on local situations, lockdowns and border closures and now recession on everyone’s lips it can be easy (and understandable) to slip into complacency (or simply become overwhelmed and throw your hands up). Keeping hygiene, cleaning, distancing, isolating and mask wearing front of mind is hard, but necessary.  In the midst of all of the noise (some of which is loud, urgent and important) it is absolutely necessary to keep the things we can do, the things we can control at the top of the pile of concerns. To put it another way; now is the time to reassess controls, talk to staff and engage with customers to ensure complacency doesn’t kill you, them or your business.

Crisis fatigue is a real thing. People can only maintain a heightened state of awareness and concern for so long before homeostasis creeps back in and with it complacency. If you are in a crisis long enough the fear and attention simply wanes…its human nature. At this point we have been in various states of crisis for a year. September marks the commencement of the 2020 bushfire season…and for some of us the 2019 bushfire season rolled smoothly into floods/drought and then into COVID. For the rest of us it has been at least 6 months of crisis…the great toilet paper rush of 2020 started in Australia at the beginning of March. All of this is to say simply that we are, as a country, well and truely fatiuged.

While the fatigue is real, and completely understandable, it is placing us all at a higher risk. This disease is not going anywhere anytime soon, and despite the best efforts of the heros working on a vaccine, it will be some time yet before we are remembering and not living in a COVID World. So how do we fight the complacency?

Focus and repetition. Its not glamorous, but it is the answer. Despite 6 months of learning and coping, the best defenses we have against the virus are cleaning surfaces and hands (properly, often and well), keeping our distance, isolating when sick and using face coverings if we can.

As businesses we need to ensure that these simple, but critical elements are top of mind for our staff and our customers. Like anything in a business if it is really important to you as the operator, you will communicate it clearly to your staff and ensure that they are meeting your expectations…if it is important to you, you will make it important to them.

This is critical now, and needs to simply become part of operations, because it will be the standard operating process for all businesses for many months to come as first the States, then the whole country and then the world opens up…cleaning, hygiene, distancing, isolation and masks are here to stay…at least for the foreseeable future.

So it is time to review your COVIDSafe Plan, refresh or update your instore signage if needed, discuss with your staff the requirements (particularly in those places that have not had a rush of cases recently) and ensure that neither COVID, nor Complacency get you.

ACAPMA members and the broader fuel wholesale and retail industry are reminded they can access the COVIDSafe Plan and detailed resources pack by emailing