The National Measurement Institute, the regulator responsible for overseeing trade measurement devices, including fuel pumps, is seeking feedback on its Test Procedures and proposed changes for both fuel pumps and packaged fuel.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is seeking feedback by 9 November 2020 on proposed revisions to:

  • NITP 5.1 – National Instrument Test Procedures for Fuel Dispensers other than LPG Dispensers
  • Sampling and Test Procedures for Prepackaged Products

The proposed revision to NITP 5.1 includes:

  • clarifying requirements for volume standards
  • permitting the use of volume standards constructed from other suitable materials
  • amendment to scope to include ethanol, avgas and diesel exhaust fluid
  • adding the ‘Low Level Cut-off’ test for systems fitted with a low level cut-off device
  • removing prescriptive safety requirements.

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The proposed revision to Sampling and Test Procedures for Prepackaged Products includes:

  • incorporating new test methods for linear and area measurement
  • expanding the range of products for volumetric measurement tests
  • allowing flexibility in recording test results
  • amendments to enhance clarity of test procedures and facilitate internal consistency.

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Feedback should be directed to for inclusion in the ACAPMA submission.