Digital recording of customer information became mandetory for many NSW venues this week in an effort to ensure standardised and readily avialbe information for contact tracers in the event of another wave. The question for the fuel industry is…which venues?

The requirement is for all businesses to record their customer details electronically. This can be through the use of the standard NSW QR Code system or another electronic system.

The requirement to capture, save and store the contact details of ALL customers applies to a detailed list of “venues & events”.

This list does not include fuel retail sites (service stations), nor does it include convenience stores, supermarkets and other locations where the customer is quickly transiting through the space.

List of Mandatory Check In Venues and Events

    • amusement centres
    • aquariums
    • business premises that are used for auction houses, other than clearing houses
    • business premises that are used for nail salons, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, spas, tattoo parlours and massage parlours
    • crematoria
    • drive-in cinemas
    • entertainment facilities
    • hospitality venues, including casinos, food and drink premises, micro-breweries, small distilleries, pubs, small bars and registered clubs
    • function centres
    • funeral homes
    • information and education facilities (other than libraries)
    • party buses
    • properties operated by the National Trust or the Historic Houses Trust
    • public swimming pools
    • recreation facilities (indoor)
    • recreation facilities (major)
    • sex on premises venues
    • sex services premises
    • strip clubs
    • vessels used for hosting functions or for commercial tours
    • zoological parks and reptile parks
    • corporate events
    • funerals and memorial services and gathering after funerals and memorial services
    • wedding services and gatherings after wedding services.

For those venues and events who must capture customer information digitally it is important to consider and provide for situations where the customer does not have a mobile device (by using a device at the venue for login). In the event of an internet outage or interruption paper records can be sought, but must be fed into the digital system as soon as possible.

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