ACAPMA has launched the Duly Qualified Person program, which is a continuing professional development program recognising the skills and qualifications of professionals in the fuel industry.

The Duly Qualified Person (DQP) program will recognise individuals for the skills and qualifications they have, but more importantly, provide a continual learning framework to ensure that those skills and qualifications are built on and refreshed regularly as well as providing a mechanism for appropriate workplace learning to be recognised alongside formal qualifications.

For contractors in the fuel industry at an individual level, the ACAPMA  program sets a framework for recognising the qualifications and the continual learning in specific classes; 

  • General (Class 1),
  • Electrical (Class 2),
  • Fuel Systems (Class 3),
  • Measurement (Class 4),
  • Wholesale Operations (Class 5) and
  • Fuel Transport (Class 6).

Individuals that participate in the Duly Qualified Person program are able to identify themselves to employers and clients as industry professionals committed to the continual development and improvement. To participate in the program individuals will need to complete the Registration Form, provide payment and evidence of current formal Skills/Qualifications or recognised informal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training and Events learning.

Completion of the ACAPMA (NPCRS) Introduction to Working on Fuel Sites is recognised for CPD Points in this program.

To maintain recognition in the program individuals will need to retain at least 50 CPD Points per year.  CPD Points are available by completing formal (Skills/Qualifications) and informal (CPD Training and Events) learning.

Registration with the program costs $55 inc GST per year and provides;

  • ACAPMA DQP card – a physical identification card (like a credit card) that shows name, DQP number, class and qualification
  • ACAPMA DQP/CPD report – a detailed report showing the skills, qualifications and informal CPD elements achieved and maintained during the year of registration
  • Listing as a DQP on the ACAPMA Recognised Contractor List
  • Free access to ACAPMA Intro to Working on Fuel Sites course (retail value $55 inc GST)
  • Free access to ACAPMA Regulator and Risk Webinars (retail value $35 inc GST)
  • Discounted rates for attendance at the APFI Forum (Contractor Forum)

Businesses that provide professionally enriching training and events can apply to have those training and events recognised for CPD Points.

The Duly Qualified Person program has been developed with the input of workplace safety, environmental safety and measurement regulators.

For more information or to apply now see the Contractors page, or the Brochure and Application below.
DQP Brochure
DQP Application