In a first since the introduction of the legislation in 2018 a consignor has been charged with breaches to the National Heavy Vehicle Chain of Responsibility Laws following an accident in which no-one was injured.

The consignor, a plywood importer, has been changed with failing to require appropriate restraint systems inside the shipping container, failing to advise the driver and the operator about how the product was stored in the shipping container and failure to require compliance with Australian laws from its import suppliers.

The consignor (who has not been named by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), faces a penalty of at least $2 million if found guilty. It will be alleged by the NHVR that the consignor is guilty of multiple breaches in relation to the movement of over 189 shipping containers.

This first test of the Chain of Responsibility laws will be watched closely by the industry and is a firm wakeup call for all parties in supply chains to review their operations and ensure that none of their behavior is contributing to actual or potential safety breaches, and rather that they are actively engaging with other parties in the supply chain to consult on achieving best practice safe operations.

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM &IR)
Executive Manager Employment and Training